Anyone can sell you propane.  When you choose Northeast, you’re choosing people who take pride in providing the best value in propane – because we deliver so much more!

• Confidence – Emergency Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Dependability – We will have propane for you when you need it.
• Comfort – Knowing we periodically give your gas system a thorough safety check.
• Knowledge – Our professional staff are ready to take care of any issues with your system.
• Reliability – Prompt, friendly attention to your propane needs.
• Service – Installation and repair services for all propane systems.

Experienced and local

We are a well-established local business with decades of knowledge and experience in residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial propane services and delivery.

Exceptional customer service

In addition to the services and programs our customers want, and need from their propane supplier,  we’re committed to providing excellent customer service – each transaction, every day.

Flexible payment options

We offer pricing options, including Budget Billing, so you have a greater level of control over your budget.  Budget Billing allows you to make equal monthly payments toward your annual propane cost.

Online Account Management

Sign up, log in and connect with online account management services.  You can manage your contact information, pay your bill, print invoices and review your account history.

Safety F1rst

The safety of our customers, employees, and community is our highest priority.  We invest heavily in ongoing safety training and resources, and hold ourselves to a higher standard of safety protocol.


Nationally, propane is used by 11.9 million households as their primary energy source for home heating, hot water, and cooking.  Propane offers consumers the warmth and efficiency of gas energy beyond the natural gas mains.  No matter where you choose to live, you can count on this dependable, portable energy source to meet your energy needs.

Propane is available in abundance in the United States and nearly 90% of America’s propane supply is domestic, reducing our dependence on foreign oil. There is a nationwide infrastructure in place to transport, store, and dispense propane safely and efficiently providing jobs for Americans throughout the United States.


Propane is an approved alternative clean fuel listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992.  Propane is eligible for various federal tax incentives under the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Propane offers the air-quality advantage of burning cleaner than oil and solid fuels such as coal and wood.

The propane transportation and storage system prevents any evaporative emissions.  In the event of a leak, propane readily vaporizes and dissipates into the atmosphere.  In an era of environmental concerns, propane can stand above many other fuels.

In addition to being non-toxic to soil and water, the production, storage, transportation and use of propane are subject to strict standards and regulations. Propane is stored and used in sealed containers and fuel systems.  It is only to be transferred from one container to another by trained personnel.  The Propane Education and Research Council reports that propane tanks are 20-times more puncture-proof than conventional gasoline tanks.

Propane fuel offers exceptional value, making it an economical choice for homes, businesses,  farms, and fleets.

According to The U.S. Department of Energy heating a home makes up 29% of your total utility bill. Propane is a great choice to heat your home as it is less expensive than electricity.


Propane can be stored, transported, and used almost anywhere.  It won’t deteriorate over time or gum up engines, making it preferable to gasoline to fuel engines that are used less frequently, such as generators and irrigation systems.

Propane can be a significant boost to productivity versus electricity when used as a forklift fuel. Propane offers faster operation and quick, easy cylinder exchanges reducing downtime.  It does not require additional indoor storage space, which is necessary to install battery charging stations for electric forklifts.


Compared to conventional fuels and energy sources, propane can be an economical approach to lower harmful greenhouse carbon emissions.  Propane is widely recognized as the cleanest traditional fuel on the market. It releases fewer carbon emissions and produces lower levels of harmful pollutants than conventional fuels such as oil and solid fuel such as wood or coal.