New Construction

Why Build With Propane! You have a tough job. Your customers expect the home of their dreams within their price range. In addition to delivering imaginative, economical and practical floor plans, you must provide energy sources that will be cost-effective, efficient and comfortable for the life of the home. Propane can help you deliver it all.


Propane furnaces offer you warmer air than electric heating systems. A gas furnace heats air to about 120ºF and operates in short intervals to minimize operating costs. An electric heat pump produces heat below body temperature, so the air actually feels cool when placing you hand in front of a vent..

Hot Water

You’re in Hot Water with Propane. That’s a Good Thing.
Propane gives you more hot water at a more affordable price. That’s why millions of American homes use propane to heat water for their showers, washing machines, and dishwashers.

Tankless Propane Water Heaters Heat on Demand

Homeowners spend 10-20 percent of their annual water heating costs just to keep the water in their storage tanks hot. Propane tankless water heaters heat water only when it is needed, thereby reducing standby energy loss by up to 20 percent and costing approximately 60 percent less to operate.


Chef’s choice –
96% all professional chefs prefer gas for cooking. You will, too. With precise temperature control and even heat distribution, propane cook tops and ovens let you cook like the pros.


Winters warmth with out the work! Instantly turn on and turn off simply with a switch or remote control – eliminating all worry.


Propane can even be used to heat the water for washing and the air for drying your clothes. Propane is an efficient and inexpensive means of doing laundry.


Outdoor grilling is easier than ever with a propane-powered grill. No waiting for charcoal to heat up, no messy coals, and no messy charcoal cleanup or disposal. The heat is immediate, controllable and evenly spaced for more thoroughly and evenly cooked food.


With a backup emergency power generator, thunderstorms, ice-storms, or any kind of weather means no-worries. A propane fueled generator starts reliably, immediately and gives you all the comforts of home – in spite of the conditions outside.

Pools and Spas

Propane pool and spa heaters bring the water to the desired temperature you want more quickly than an electric heater. Don’t be the last one in!

Out doors

Patio Heaters, Insect Control, and Outdoor Lighting.

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